Flower arrangement with toilet roll. #StillLife (at Hotel 5 Terre)

Marshalling at #castlecombe was very very wet. #marshal (at Castle Combe Circuit)

#Marshal pit and paddock, all area, pass for Thruxton F3 championship next weekend.

Glass of water.

That’s quite a Saturday morning Americano. #coffee (at Bampton Village)

Clouds. And sky. Simple and stunning. #weather

As a teenager in the 70s, I was always fascinated by Johnny Winter. Especially his long white hair. RIP

Lovely new orange alloy tripod. Leaving gift from my last job. #orange (at Bampton Village)

Mollie reacted to this #rotobale that has appeared on our walk in much the same way as the apes reacted in 2001. Frightened. Sceptical. She didn’t pick up a bone to use as a weapon though.

Two very big skies hogging the same bit of atmospheric space. #weather